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Cognitive Psychology Memory

The Multistore Model

The multistore model of memory was an influential theory of memory based on the
informationprocessing approach.
Atkinson and Shiffrin proposed a structural model consisting of a series of stages:
sensory, shortterm and longterm memory. Information was thought to pass through
these stages in a…

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Baddeley's working memory model is the most influential recent explanation of how
memory works. He has provided both a structural and functional model. He has
replaced the idea of a unitary shortterm memory with a multicomponent, flexible
memory system where rehearsal is simply one optional process.
There is considerable research…

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Psychologists have developed the cognitive interview in an effort to elicit more
accurate EWT.
Psychological techniques have also been developed to improve memory in general.
Many of these techniques reflect the importance of organising material in a
meaningful way.

Development Psychology ­ Early Social Development

The formation of attachments in…

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Ainsworth explained differences in attachment behaviour through the sensitivity of the
mother. However, others have argued that temperament may be more important tin
how securely the baby attaches to the caregiver.

Cultural variations in attachments

Attachment types vary across and within cultures.
Secure attachments are the most common across all…

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Evidence has shown that good quality day care can have a range of beneficial social
effects on children including their ability to play cooperatively with others, to mix and
make friends.
Day care is a potentially stressful experience and poor quality care can be associated
with less positive social outcomes…


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