The Working Memory Model

Central executive which is responsible for monitoring and coordinating all of the slave systems, it can process info from any modality, has a limited storage capacity and plays a major role in attention and planning.

Visio-spatial scratchpad which stores visual and spatial info and is thought of as the "inner eye" and it has limited capacity

Episodic Buffer is an extra storage system, has limited capacity and integrates info from all of the 4 other parts of the model

Phonological loop stores a limited number of sounds for brief periods, it is thought of as the "inner ear", it consists of two components, with one allowing acoustically coded items to be stored for a brief period.

More plausible than the MSM because it explains STM in terms of both temporary storage and active processing

However the capacity of the central executive has never been measured

WMM only concerns itself with STM and is not a comprehensive model of memory 

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