Proteins: B1.2.5: AQA

Biology Unit 1: Chapter 2:

Pages 2.5 in the textbook, on chapter 2 unit 1. Check my powerpoint here which is based on these Q&A type revision notes.

I use the power point to revise (I have a whiteboard, so do lots of brainstorming, etc) and then use the documents to test myself. They might be a bit useless on their own.

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2.5 Proteins
1. What is the structure of an amino acid?
2. How are amino acids linked to form a peptide bond?
3. How is the primary structure of polypeptides formed?
4. How do they form the primary structure, and then the tertiary structure of a protein?
5. How is the quaternary structure formed?
6. What is the test for proteins?
7. Name 4 functions of proteins.
Proteins have a variety of functions within all living organisms.
The general structure of an amino acid
Condensation and the formation of peptide bonds linking together amino acids to form
polypeptides. The relationship between primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary
structure, and protein function.
The biuret test for proteins

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1. Draw diagram!
2. Diagram...
Condensation reaction
Peptide bond
What happens when you hydrolyse it?
3. Through a series of condensation reactions, amino acids are joined together in polymerization.
The resulting chain is a polypeptide. This is the primary structure of any protein. The 20 amino
acids can be arranged in any order, and therefore the possible combinations are endless. The
primary structure determines the shape of it, and therefore its function. A simple change can stop
it from working.
4.…read more


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