Proteins: B1.2.5: AQA

Biology Unit 1: Chapter 2:

Pages 2.5 in the textbook, on chapter 2 unit 1. Check my powerpoint here which is based on these Q&A type revision notes.

I use the power point to revise (I have a whiteboard, so do lots of brainstorming, etc) and then use the documents to test myself. They might be a bit useless on their own.

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2.5 Proteins

1. What is the structure of an amino acid?
2. How are amino acids linked to form a peptide bond?
3. How is the primary structure of polypeptides formed?
4. How do they form the primary structure, and then the tertiary structure of a protein?
5. How is…

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2.4 Proteins

1. Draw diagram!

2. Diagram...

Condensation reaction
Peptide bond
What happens when you hydrolyse it?

3. Through a series of condensation reactions, amino acids are joined together in polymerization.
The resulting chain is a polypeptide. This is the primary structure of any protein. The 20 amino
acids can…


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