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Production Scheduling and
Production Logistics
A2 Product Design Revision…read more

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Production Scheduling and Production Logistics
When undertaking the manufacture of any product, it is important
that all the resources of the sequencing of tasks are allocated in the
correct way to ensure efficient production ­ this can be complex.
Computer - based production scheduling and production logistics help
to make the production process smoothly.
The idea is that if there are small issues or hiccups in the process, the
computer can iron them out.
By producing a production schedule, a company can determine
whether a delivery promise can be met or not.…read more

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Production Scheduling and Production Logistics
­ Flexible and easily adaptable if products mix or quantity/quality changes
­ Minimise work in progress and reduce inventory
­ Maintain balance on production line
­ Raise productivity levels.…read more


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