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Pregnancy Timeline…read more

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Weeks 1-4
Weeks 1-4 Fertilisation occurs
and a ball of quickly multiplying
cells embeds itself in the lining
of the uterus.…read more

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Week 5
The mass of cells is developing
fast and becomes an embryo.
For many women the first sign
of pregnancy is a missed period.…read more

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Week 6-7
The embryo officially becomes a
foetus. It is about the size of a baked
bean and its spine and nervous
system begin to form.
The baby's heart is beginning to
develop. Morning sickness and other
side effects of early pregnancy may
take hold.…read more

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Week 8-9
It is quite common to have a first
scan at this stage if the woman has
had a previous miscarriage or
Women who may be at higher risk of
passing on sickle cell anaemia and
thalassaemia should be offered a
blood test before 10 weeks.…read more

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Week 11
The umbilical cord is fully
formed providing nourishment
and removing waste products.
The foetus looks fully human
now.…read more

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