Power in Anthony and Cleopatra

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin…read more

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin
In Anthony and Cleopatra
Contact me at: [email protected]…read more

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin
Key Points to Consider (to get you thinking)
Who is dominant in Anthony and Cleopatra's relationship?
o What does this say about power?
o Does it change throughout the play?
Is Anthony's fall solely due to his loss of power in Rome?
o Why is he happy to sit on Egypt's laurels?
o Is this even true, has he truly lost power?
o Does he do anything to try and reclaim power?
Is the play about conflicting political powers…read more

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin
o Love has transcended the two to become "peerless". Love is in itself power.
o Use of alliteration "world to weet" emphasises that the world will know of their fame and
power which is ironically true as we do know, but not due to power, due to love.
"Speak to me home mince not the general tongue" [Anthony]
o Rulers had to not blind themselves as Anthony had been doing.…read more

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin
o The use of plosive alliteration portrays the anger behind Ventidius' words, as though
Anthony's fixation on power prevents Ventidius from doing the correct thing and destroying
the enemy. This shows that Anthony's personal fixation on power restricts his abilities.…read more

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin
The 2012 production of Anthony and Cleopatra directed by Janet Suzman shows Cleopatra to be
far more independent, great and powerful and certainly emphasises Anthony's fall. Even from the
opening scene Anthony is snoring surrounded by luxury, whilst Cleopatra sits straight above
Anthony. The height alone signifies the power difference, but also Anthony's fall from personal
power once a great general, now a snoring old man.
Taylor claims Anthony is going through a midlife crisis.…read more

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Anthony and Cleopatra Izzy Perrin
a. Political power: Caesar, the driving force of the play. The battles between Anthony and
Caesar. The battles between Pompey and the Triumvir (and to some extent Lepidus' battle
with Caesar). This was the aspect most early writers were concerned with, not love.
Cleopatra was merely the means of losing political power for Anthony. Significant in that it
maintains the image of Cleopatra as a powerhungry whore who caused the fall of a great,
honourable soldier.
b.…read more



Your Antony and Cleopatra resources are outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing them, hopefully, they'll help me on the way to success when I come to write my coursework piece! I also eagerly await any more resources you have to upload. Many thanks!!

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