Critical Comments on Caesar from Anthony and Cleopatra

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Critical comments on Octavius Caesar from Anthony

MILLER - 'Clean shaven, bland colour and structured clothing' 

PRUDENTIA JOURNAL - 'Obsessed with power and political lousiness' 

PLUTARCH - 'Predestined that the government of the world shall fall into his hands' 

ROBIN LEE - 'Responsible for the humilation of his sister and the destruction of his integrity' 

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Critical comments on Cleopatra from Anthony and Cl

JAMERON - 'She is a glorious riddle, who constantly mocks and eludes us' 

'The very foil to Octavia' 

L.T. FITZ - 'Many males critics feel personally threatened by Cleopatra' 

MARY BETH ROSE - 'A venus of sexual temptation' 

S.K. OBER - 'A leader with rank and power' 

BRADLEY - 'Cleopatra runis a great man but shows no sense of tradgedy in his ruin'

JACKSON - 'Such incredible energy and appetite for life' 

PLUTARCH - 'Contact of her prescene was irresistable, the charm of her conversation was bewitching'

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Critical comments on Anthony in Anthony and Cleopa

BRADLEY - 'By women he is not only attracted but governed' 

SCHLEGEL - 'Open and lavish character of Anthony is admirably contrasted with the heartless littleness of Caesar' 

TENNENHOUSE - 'Strips Anthony of his Military Judgement' 

CLIFF - 'His inner struggle to find balance between two bonds and two sects of values' 

HUDSON - 'Reflection on his own enthrallment by Cleopatra, mark the residue of a noble man'

PLUTARCH - 'Colourful narrative and vivid characterisation' 

HODGSON - 'A hero who is not man of the noblest type' (Lago in Othello - Januo faced) 

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Critical Comments on Enobarbus from Anthony and Cl

CLIFF - 'The function of the commentator' 

- 'Able to comment freely even when he feels critically on Anthony' 

PAYNE - 'Cynic and misogynistic' 

MUIDEU - 'Mordant'

- 'He will ridicle Mark Anthony's enslavement to Cleopatra' 

O'CONNOR - 'Noblest character in the play' 

- 'Organs and mouthpiece of the authors judgement' 

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