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By Oladapo Adegbite
Politics; People and Politics Unit
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By Oladapo Adegbite
Democracy and Political
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· Accountability
· Pluralism
· Elections
· Representation
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· Means `Rule by the people' or `people power'.
Direct Democracy
· Direct Democracy is based upon the concept that the citizens
themselves make political decisions. For example
Representative Democracy
· Representative democracy is limited and indirect. It is where
the citizens choose some one to make political decisions on
their behalf. This occurs with the people voting for the MP
they wish to represent them, hence reinforcing people
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Undemocratic UK
· Mps are bound by Whips and so must agree with party
· The First-Past- The-Post electoral system produces unfair
outcomes and a `waste' of votes, which then causes tactical
voting or a participation crisis.
· The Human Rights Act is not entrenched as the UK does not
have a codified system so parliament is able to remove rights
Democratic UK
· There are free and fair elections were anyone 18 and over is
able to vote.
· A variety of parties to choose from.
· The rule of law must be applied by everyone including the
· Free Media and Press.
· Civil Liberties are protected by the Human Rights Act.…read more

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Enhance UK Democracy?
· Consult the public more on decisions by delivering more
referendums, so that the electorate are educated and also
take part in politics in some way.
· Increase voter turnout by making elections compulsory,
Internet voting, lowering the age of vote to 16.
· Change of electoral system so that votes are proportional to
seats and so are not `wasted'.
· Fixed Term Parliament; more accountable Gov, Vote out
undesirable government.
· Codified Constitution so that all rights of citizens are
entrenched in a legal document to stop any arbitrary action
from ministers.…read more

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