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Comparison: `Winter' - Connotes cold and dark and their relationship
·They are both about a relationship which has coming to an end.
changed, for the worst. He is cold towards her as he takes his men to look for
he as well, she doesn't like it.
·The Farmer's Bride clearly has a theme of `Woo'- Suggests he is trying to `Frozen' ­ Also has
unrequited love and you could argue that Manhunt impress and get her attention. connotations of coldness
also has a similar theme as the wife is trying to get Shows he cares for her and and darkness. Her
close to her husband but he keeps pushing her cares about what she thinks. husband doesn't want to
connect with her.
Hardened emotions.
·One person in the relationship in both poems is Language:
trying to make it work and chasing the other person.
`Close'-Implies that the wife does
want to be close to her husband.
Manhunt vs. She is trying to get close to her
husband and be loved again.
`Manhunt' is written in couplets which The Farmer's
suggests that the two are couples and
love each other however, the breaks in
Bride `Blown hinge'-This metaphor could imply that
between each couplet could imply the their relationship has been destroyed and there
cracks in their relationship and how it is is no way of fixing it. Their relationship has
unstable. It could also connote that
Structure: changed. It could suggest the husband is
their relationship is weak. physically destroyed and mentally as he has seen
so much in the war.
The last stanza of `TFB' consists of many commas Poetic Devices:
and is a shorter stanza, this could suggest that he
sacred of loosing her. It also shows how much he `Like a mouse'- This simile could suggest that the
loves her and realises her importance as he girl is timid and scared like a mouse of her
worries about her not being there. The use of husband. She is sacred to love him and maybe
commas emphasises how worried he is as his doesn't want to due to what he may be like. It
thought process is speeding up showing his could also imply that she is hard to catch and
feelings. hard to get her to love.…read more

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`Alter' ­ Suggests that love is never ending and doesn't
change. It will always be constant. It also shows a
Comparison: passion for love. Also implies marriage, love and
·They both talk about love. Sonnet 116 is all the eternity.
positive things about love and Hour the negative `Millionaires' ­ Implies that love
things. `Millionaires' ­ Implies
may seem like everything you that love may seem like
want at first but you won't be everything you want at
·They're both in sonnet forms so structure is content once you have it. You will
similar. first but you won't be
always want something more. It content once you have it.
could also suggest that love is not You will always want
·They have similar themes of love and change. what it seems.
Also both talk about the stability of a relationship something more. It could
and if it will last. Language: also suggest that love is
not what it seems.
Hour vs. `Star' - Connotes how love can bring all hope
Sonnet 116 and is perfection. It can guide people through
life and is as beautiful as a star.
The rhyming scheme AB AB, CD CD,
`Thousands of seconds' ­ The use of
EF EF and GG (couplet), in Sonnet
hyperbole could suggest that people
116, shows that love is constant
exaggerate love to be something so special
and never changing. The couplet at
when maybe it's not. It could also show that
the end sums up what the poet is
trying to say and shows that he
Structure: love doesn't last that long, it feels like it does
but in reality it doesn't.
believes love is all one needs.
Poetic Devices:
`Hour' has a structure of a modern form of a sonnet.
This could imply that love is the best thing however, `Tempest' ­ This metaphor could imply the
only during the start. Eventually you will get bored arguments in a relationship, as tempest connotes
and will require other things in order to keep you storms ­ showing that love can overcome them
happy. It also shows that love is not constant and all. It doesn't matter what happens, love will
does change. always prevail, even in the worst situations.…read more

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`Crack' ­ This word suggests the breakdown of the relationship
Comparison: and how it's not working out. It tells the reader that there are
·In a way both poems show the theme of un- flaws in the relationship and not everything is perfect.
requited love. `Blown' ­ This word implies that their relationship is
destroyed and nothing can be done to fix it. Also shows that
·The poems are about relationships that once her husband is mentally and physically blown and cannot
consisted of love but have now changed and think straight. Furthermore, it shows that their relationship
become negative. has changed for the worst.
·Shows how not everything is perfect in a Language: `Hostage' - Connotes
relationship and that love can die out. that the persona does
`Broken' ­ Suggests that not want to be with this
the couples relationship girl however, is stuck
The first lines in the stanzas of Manhunt is broken and that with her. It also shows
are shorter that the second line, implying Manhunt vs. In nothing can fix it. that he has enough and
that the wife is chasing her husband and Maybe the husband is doesn't want to be in a
Paris With You
wanting to make their relationship work. not trying to fix it. relationship with her.
She wants to be close to her husband like
she was before and so she chases after
`And [...] and [...] and' ­ The use of anaphor
him, even if he may not want her too.
emphasises the never ending problems in
the relationship and how it's always playing
Structure: on the wife's mind, and maybe even the
husband's. It shows how these problems are
`In Paris With You' has the words `I'm' and `you' on
different ends of the stanza suggesting that the two
Poetic Devices:
people are completely different from each other. It
also could show that they don't want to be together `All points south' ­ This metaphor suggests that their
and maybe don't like each other. It shows the relationship is going downhill and implies that the couples
couples separation and emphasises how they're relation is just about sex as there are conations of sexual
distant. imagery (south ­ reproductive organs).…read more

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`Blast' ­ Implies that both the persona and her partner may have
kept their feelings unspoken until know. Both are sharing what
Comparison: they really feel about each other and you can connote it is
·Both use theme of war and war imagery. negative as they `blast' it at each other which has negative
imagery as linked to war (explosion).
·Both `Manhunt' and `Quickdraw' talk about
`Mind' ­ This word has an internal rhyme with the word mine,
romantic relationships and the pain that people
which also has war imagery linked to it. The mine links to the idea
suffer when in them.
of buried and how both the persona and her partner keep their
true feelings buried and don't tell each other their problems like
·Both show the person going through emotional
they used to.
pain. `Broken' ­ Suggests the
Language: relationship is broken
`Groan' ­ Suggests the like many things during
physical and emotional war and the pain felt in a
romantic relationship
The first lines in the stanzas of Manhunt are Quickdraw vs. pain felt by the persona metaphorically breaks
shorter that the second line, implying that and also the possibility
Manhunt of pleasure. It could also the persona's heart.
the wife is chasing her husband and wanting
to make their relationship work. She wants to imply that fights and
be close to her husband like she was before situations like this have
and so she chases after him, even if he may arrived before.
not want her too. `Then and only' ­ The repetition of this phrase
Structure: suggests that he is doesn't want the persona
In `Quickdraw', the stanzas are all different shapes close to him. Shows their relationship is not
implying confusion in the relationship and the loss one of love and happiness. They're distant.
of communications. This could suggest why the Poetic Devices:
couple are fighting ­ they don't actually know what'
s going on each other minds. Also the short phrase `Fumble for the phone' ­ The alliteration here emphasise the effect
`I'm all alone', connotes the persona's vulnerability of the speaker and them becoming weak as they don't want to
and her being distant from her partner from when argue anymore? It could also suggest that this has been going on for
they once used to be close. a long time and they're tired of it all.…read more

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`Pursue' ­ The word suggests a form a desperation from the woman
as she is chasing after a man who does not love her as much as she
Comparison: love him. It also shows her determination as she is adamant on
·Both suggest un-requited love and one pursuing receiving love from someone who she knows doesn't love her. She
the other. just wants him to love her and make her dream come true.
`Virginity' ­ By using this word, it tells the reader that this is what
·They both use multiple metaphors to describe attracts the person to the woman, her innocence and purity. It
how they're feeling. also shows how he wants to be her first lover and doesn't want
anyone else to take her virginity. Also implies his desperation as
·`Gahzal' and `THCM' show ideas and themes of he is wants to be her first lover.
seduction `Rubies' ­ Rubies are
Language: red, suggesting the
`Tattoo' ­ This word passion the persona
connotes that her love is feels towards this
In `THCM', The first stanza consists of the Ghazal vs. To His constant and permanent woman. It also shows
what he sees her as,
person flattering the woman and showing Coy Mistress for him. She will never
that he would do anything for her. However, stop loving him and her precious and priceless,
love will never fade, like showing his love
the second stanza is a change in mood and towards her.
implies that he is getting frustrated with her a tattoo.
rejection as they don't have time. Time is
against them and they need to do something `Hundreds' ­ The hyperbole used here and in other
about it. places suggests that the couple do not have enough
Structure: time and if they did then the persona would have
In `Ghazal', Every two lines are together and done all the things he mentions.
there is a break in between the lines. This could Poetic Devices:
suggest the love the persona has towards the
`Venomous tongue/charmer ' ­ The metaphors used to describe the
person she loves and how she wants them to be
persona are natural suggesting that she's always there, waiting for him.
close. However, the break implies that they're
However, the metaphors used to describe her lover are in a way super-
not and this could be due to the persona's lover
natural. Thus implying that he is not there and not loving her. It also
not loving her and not wanting to be together
suggests that she thinks he is better than her.
anymore.…read more

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`Saddled' ­ You can tell from this word that the person feels his
brother is like weight and burden he wishes he never had. He has
to look-after and take care of his little bother which he doesn't
Comparison: want to do an he is getting irritated by it. It could also imply that
·Both poems are about how the persona dislikes he misses that responsibility and weight of looking after his
their siblings and everything they do. younger brother.
`Spy' ­ These words suggest that her sister, Maude was jealous of
·Brothers starts of with hate but you can see
her relationship with this boy and therefore told their parents
regret afterwards, whereas Sister Maude is pure
about it. This got her sister into trouble. It shows the type of
hatred for the sibling.
person Maude is and that she would go to any extent for the boy.
·Both show sibling relationships. `Six-year old' ­ The fact
that he doesn't give his
`Lurk' ­ Immediately younger brother a name
tells us what the shows how un-important
Brothers vs. sister is like, sly and he is to the persona. The
The structure of `Sister Maude', consists of 4 Sister Maude interfering. Shows persona has little respect
stanzas with 4 lines and the last stanza with 5 she doesn't like her and care for him, which is
lines. The last stanza is also about how Maude sister as she is why he doesn't bother
is going to go to hell for what she did to the maybe evil and nosy. giving him a name.
person and she betrayed her. The stanza could
portray the amount of time Maude is going to `As cold as stone' ­ The simile shows how the
be in hell for, for what she did. persona is upset and angered by what Maude did.
Structure: She feels betrayed by her actions.
In the poem `Brothers', the first few stanzas consist of Poetic Devices:
five lines which could show the supposed weight the
person felt he had while with his little brother. However, `Spouting six ' ­ Here the sibilance shows that the persona
as the reader approaches the last stanza you see that it wants to emphasise his younger brother's age and show just
only consists of 4 lines which could imply that the how young he is. It also could suggest how is angered by that
persona has lost his brother, has lost that responsibility as his younger brother is so childish and silly, which irritates
which links into the metaphorical distance of `close the him.
distance I'd set in motion'…read more

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