unseen poetry

mind map of unseen poetry how to analyse!

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  • unseen poetry
    • M
      • Message
        • what is the message of the poem?
        • Is there more than one message?
        • What creates the message? imagery? techniques? sounds?
    • I
      • Imagery
        • What images does the poem provoke?
        • what specific words create the imagery?
        • Is the imagery present throughout the poem?
    • T
      • Techniques
        • what techniques are used?
        • onomatopoeia
        • similes
        • metaphors
        • personification
    • A
      • About
        • what is the poem about?
        • what words or techniques enable you to know what it is about?
        • how does the message, imagery, sounds and techniques tell you what the poem is about?
    • S
      • Sounds
        • What sounds are made in the poem?
        • how are the sounds created?
    • R
      • Rhyme
        • Is there a rhyme scheme?
        • is the rhyme scheme regular?
        • if there is no rhyme scheme, why isn't there?


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