Poems from different cultures revision- Island Man

Looks deeper into the poem Island man, the background, themes, and use of language.

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Island man- Grace Nichols
· The island man wakes up from a dream of home to "another London day". The
poem island man begins at stanza 1 in the morning at day break; he hears the sound
of `blue surf in his head' as he is waking up. In stanza 2 the poem continues to
describe the island he has been dreaming about, he also mentions the sun rising
`defiantly' which has a major contrast to the weather in London. Stanza 2 ends with
the island man waking up `groggily groggily', this is when he wakes up to reality.
Stanza 3 uses repetition of the phrase `comes back'. The island man comes back
`to sands' of a `grey metallic soar'. This is referring to sounds that wake him up and
the dull, harsh, man-made environment in London compared to the natural beauty
of the island. The sounds of the sea have turned to the `surge of wheels' and `dull
north circular roar'. The phrase `surge of wheels' is pushed aside of the poem so is
the phrase `groggily groggily' as if he wants to push out the sounds of London.
· Enjambment is used to connect the fourth stanza, which opens with the phrase
`muffling muffling' which echoes the repetition of `groggily groggily' and suggests
there is a struggle to get up in the morning. Whereas back at home he would get up
very quickly.
· There is no punctuation at the beginning, middle or end of the poem this suggests
that it is never ending for him. The life he lives in London is very different to the
experience on the island that he calls home. The first part of the poem is based on
the island nature and the second part is of London and all the man-made things
surrounding him..


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