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Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards

Extrusive Volcanic Landforms

Minor Extrusive Activity
Hot water that fills underground cavities, upon further heating, is violently ejected when it
flashes into steam
E.g. Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National park which erupts about every 65 minutes

Hot Springs:
Sometimes the water, heated below…

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Andesitic and Rhyolitic Lavas:
Silicarich acid magma
Very viscous
solidifies before reaching the surface, leading to a buid up of pressure and a violent

Main Extrusive Volcanic Landforms:

Lava plateaux:
formed from Fissure eruptions
extensive lava flows that's are basaltic in nature ­ flow great distances
generally flat and…

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Occur when the buildup of gases become extreme and a huge explosion removes the
summit of the cone leaving a huge opening several km in diameter
Later eruptions may form small cones within them
Destructive margins
Often fill with water to form a lake E.g. Crater Lake in the…


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