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Soufriere Hills Volcano Montserrat Mount St Helens
L'Aquila Earthquake Kashmir Earthquake…read more

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LEDC Volcanic Eruption
Soufriere Hills Volcano
Montserrat…read more

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Date: 25th June 1997
Type of Plate Margin: Destructive
Type Of Volcano Is It: Composite
Plate Margins: North American plate is being forced under
the Caribbean plate…read more

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What happened between 1995 and 1997?
Earthquake, small eruptions and lahars started
What happened on the 25th June 1997 before the main eruption?
A series of small earthquakes, followed by pyroclastic flow
What were the instant effects of the volcanic eruption?
About 4-5 million m³ of material was realised over a 20 minute period.
Pyroclastic flows covered several square kilometres, reaching within
50m of the airport. The eruption also produced a large ash cloud.
Were there any further eruptions?
Several over the next few months and the airport was destroyed by
pyroclastic flow on 21st September 1997…read more

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What were the economic impacts?
Over 20
villages and
two thirds of
homes on the
island were
destroyed by Total loss of value of peoples
pyroclastic homes and investments was
flow estimated to be about £1 billion
Tourists stayed
away and
Schools, businesses were
hospitals, the destroyed,
airport and disrupting the
the port were economy. However,
destroyed tourism is now
increasing as people
come to see the…read more

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What were the social impacts?
Population has declined from 12,000 to 8000 .
Many left since the 1995 eruption. Around
4000 of those came to the UK
19 people died and 7 were
Fire destroyed
many buildings
e.g. the local
offices and the
police offices
Hundreds of people lost their homes…read more

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