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Plant Reproduct ion- Sexual
Structure of a flower

Structure Function

Sepals Protect unopened flower bud

Petals May be brightly coloured to attract insects

Stamens Male parts of flower consisting of anther held up
by filament

Anthers Produce haploid male sex cells (pollen grains)
by meiosis

Filament Holds up anther

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Structure Function

Testa Protection of seed

Embryo Grows into new plant

Food store Contains starch = energy for growing

Flower Insect pollinated Wind pollinated

Stamen Enclosed within flower so insect Exposed so wind can easily blow pollen
positions must make contact away

Stigma positions "" Exposed to catch pollen…

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Plant Reproduct ion- Asexual
- E.g. potato

- No fertilisation (cells divide by mitosis to form a structure that breaks away from parent) - no
energy wasted making gametes
- Useful to species living in stable environment (offspring well adapted)
- Produces identical offspring (clones) cuttings from superior plant…


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