Pinatubo Case Study

Causes, social, economic and environmental impacts and responses

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Pinatubo Eruption Case Study
Type of hazard Eruption
Plate Boundary Oceanic to Continental Convergence ­ Eurasian
Plate and Philippine Plate
Date of event 12th ­ 15th June1991
Location Luzon, Philippines
Economic development LEDC
Hazards Earthquakes ­ 16th July 1990 a magnitude 7.8 struck 100km
NE of Mt Pinatubo
Increase in steam emissions
Lahars lasted for 5 years
Pyroclastic flows
Social Impacts 847 killed ­ 300 from collapsing roofs and 77 from lahars
58,000 evacuated from a 30km radius of the volcano
1.2 million lost their homes
Increase in refugees
Shanty towns in Manila were stretched
The tribal Aeta people who lived on the slopes were
vulnerable to disease and the unfamiliar diet in camps led
to malnutrition
94% of evacuation camp deaths were Aeta people
Power supplies were cut for 3 week
Contaminated water
50,000 lost their homes permanently
Economic Impacts Cost $450 million (USD)
Houses and bridges destroyed
Manila airport was closed
The 1991 harvest was destroyed and 650,000 lost their jobs
Farmland was unusable for years due to ash and pumice
Environmental Impacts Ash was blown in all directions and smothered fields and
Lahars led to severe river bank erosion and undercut
The world was cooled by 0.5°C
20 million tons of SO2 released
10,000 acres of land belonging to the Aeta was lost
40,000 acres of lowland was lost
1 million farm animals died due to a lack of grass
Response Short Term
Evacuation of 75,000 people
The US Air Force used helicopters to evacuate people
The government provided shelters
Resettlement camps
Long Term
Construction of new homes
200,000 were still displaced 4 months on
Aid from charities including the Red Cross

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