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Physiological stress
management methods- drugs
AS Psychology, unit 2- Physiological…read more

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Benzodiazepines (BZ's)
· Reduce nervous system activity by increasing the
activity of GABA
· GABA is a neurotransmitter that is a natural chemical
that helps us feel relaxed (anxiety releaser). It does
this by:
-allowing chloride ions into nerves which slow down
-reduces activity of the neurotransmitter serotonin.
High levels of this are found in people who have high
anxiety levels…read more

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BZ's evaluation
· Kahn followed 250 patients for 8 weeks and found
that BZ's were superior to placebos. This shows that
BZ's are an effective treatment of stress
· Little effort needed- just to remember to take pills
· Side effects- memory loss and increased
· Addition- shouldn't be taken for any longer than 4
weeks…read more

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Beta blockers (BB's)
· Reduce activity of adrenaline and noradrenalin by
blocking the neurotransmitters at the synapse.
· This means that the heart beats slower, blood
pressure falls resulting in less stress on the heart so
the person feels calmer…read more

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BB's evaluation
· Lockwood studied 2000 musicians at major orchestras
and found that the 27% who took BB's felt better
about performing and that there performances were
judged better by critics. This shows that BB's are
effective at reducing stress
· Don't focus on cause of stress so when drugs stop
stress returns
· Easy to use- little effort needed, only need to
remember to take them…read more

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BB's evaluation
· Side effects- small chance of side effects, although
it has been linked to a higher risk of developmental
diabetes…read more


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