Describe and Evaluate Physiological Methods for coping with Stress (12)

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Physiological Methods of Stress managment focus on getting rid of the physical symptons of stress, the most common form to get rid of stress is through drugs.

Benzodiazepines (BZs) are used to manage levels of anxiety in the form of Valium and Librium. A neurotransmitter called GABA is the bodys natural form of anxiety relief. When GABA is released, it has a general quietning effect on any neurones within the brain. Through BZs enhancing action of GABA, the body becomes more resistant to excitation. This makes the person feel calmer because the brain output of the excitatory neurotransmitters is reduced and dips below a level of anxiety; seratonin (a neurotransmitter) has an arrousing effect on the brain. BZs are effective in reducing seratonin and limiting it but a negative effect of this is when someone is presented with a pressured situation the positive uses of anxiety (Valium and Librium) will not occur because it is kept at a reduced state under BZs. BZs do not work for everyone. Up


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