Physiological Approach & Studies Summary


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Physiological - Attempts to explain human behaviour through a series of neurological and biological processes within the body.
- The central nervous system and the brain are studied.
Approach Studies Strengths Weaknesses
Maguire et al Scientific equipment is Scientific approach lacks
Physiological Dement and used extensively validity
Kleitman Contributions and High cost leads to small
Sperry applications for sample sizes
diagnosis and
treatment of illness
Studies Important Background Research/Information/Theories
Stages of sleep:
- Stage 1-2 = light sleep, irregular EEG patterns
Dement & Kleitman: The relation of - Stage 3 ­ 4 = deeper sleep, regular EEG pattern
Physiol - Period of REM sleep
eye movements during sleep to
ogical dream activity. - Want to establish link between sleep and dreaming
- Restoration theory: NREM restores bodily processes, REM stimulates protein synthesis
- Evolutionary theory: survival function, keeping animals safe from predators

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Experiment done on split-brain patients whose corpus callosum had been severed to ease epilepsy.
Sperry: -Brain divided into 2 hemispheres, joined by fibres, left hemisphere controls language and understanding it,
Hemisphere disconnection and right hemisphere controls spatial awareness, images etc.
unity in conscious awareness. - Experiment by Wernicke established difference in roles for hemispheres
- Previous research shows small mammals/birds who require navigational skills have larger hippocampi
Maguire et al: Navigation related volume.…read more

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Maguire To investigate whether Quasi ­ Experiment - 16 male, licensed London - Cab drivers had a significantly
changes could be detected in black-cab drivers who have greater volume of grey matter in
the brains of London taxi Independent measures design passed `The Knowledge' as the posterior hippocampus,
drivers and to further training, right handed, between whereas the control group had a
investigate the functions of the 32 and 62, had been licensed greater volume in the anterior
hippocampus in spatial for at least 18…read more


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