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Physiological - Attempts to explain human behaviour through a series of neurological and biological processes within the body.
- The central nervous system and the brain are studied.

Approach Studies Strengths Weaknesses
Maguire et al Scientific equipment is Scientific approach lacks
Physiological Dement and used extensively validity
Kleitman Contributions…

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- Experiment done on split-brain patients whose corpus callosum had been severed to ease epilepsy.
Sperry: -Brain divided into 2 hemispheres, joined by fibres, left hemisphere controls language and understanding it,
Hemisphere disconnection and right hemisphere controls spatial awareness, images etc.
unity in conscious awareness. - Experiment by Wernicke established…

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Maguire To investigate whether Quasi ­ Experiment - 16 male, licensed London - Cab drivers had a significantly
changes could be detected in black-cab drivers who have greater volume of grey matter in
the brains of London taxi Independent measures design passed `The Knowledge' as the posterior hippocampus,
drivers and…


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