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P2 Keywords.

Acceleration: The rate at which a body increases in speed. Change in velocity per
second (m/s²)
Alternating Current (ac): An electric current
which changes direction of flower continuously.
Attraction: The drawing together of two
materials with different types of charges.
Alpha Radiation: Alpha particles, each
composed of 2…

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Elastic Potential Energy: Energy stored in an elastic object when work is done to
change its shape.
Force: A push or pull acting on an object. (In newtons, N)
Friction: The force that resists movement between two surfaces.
Fuse: A thin piece of wire that melts to break the circuit…

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Nuclear Fusion: The process in which small nuclei are forced together so they fuse
with each other to form a larger nucleus. (Hydrogen and helium).
Parallel Circuit: A circuit where there is more than one path for the current to take.
Potential Difference: The difference in electrical charged between two…


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