GCSE OCR Gateway Physics P4 - Radiation for Life (Charge in Circuits)

A powerpoint made as I'm revising for my Physics exams, this one is on P4 - Radiation for Life. By the end there will be a MASSIVE powerpoint because of that fact I decided to upload it as I go along so if you i.e only wanted one section you wouldn't have to look through the whole thing if you didn't want to because it will be at the end of what is done so far :) It's for OCR Gateway Physics GCSE :) It doesn't go into much detail unless I'm stuck on that section! so I can use it before the exams to quickly revise the key points and the details I should already know or will be able to think of in the exam. Good luck!

  • Created by: Lucy :)
  • Created on: 03-04-13 15:54


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