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Chapter 5: Forces, moments and pressure

Some important forces

Pushed and pulls
Pushing and pulling
Force or car engine
Attraction and repulsion magnets
Any object in the gravitational field
Less on the moon
Pulling an object along the ground
Vehicles cornering or skidding
Sliding down a slope…

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We have weight because of the force of gravity
Every part of our body experiences a force
It's a lot easier to picture the overall effect of gravity at a single point
The centre of gravity of an object is defined as a point where the entire weight of the…

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It is calculated using the word equation
Density (kg/ms3) = mass (kg) / volume (m3)


Pressure tells us about how the force is shared out over the area it acts on
The larger the area the smaller the pressure, for a given force
It is calculated using the word…


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