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Physics Unit G481-
Peyton Goddard…read more

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Module 1- Motion
Physical quantities, vectors, kinematics, graphs of motion, acceleration, free fall,
gravity.…read more

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Physical Quantities
SI Units
Quantity Unit Abbreviation
Mass kilogram kg
Length metre m
Time second s
Temperature kelvin K
Electrical Current ampere A
Amount of substance mole mol
Unit Prefixes
Prefix Name Abbreviation Prefix Name Abbreviation
10-12 pico p 10-2 centi c
10-9 nano n 103 kilo k
10-6 micro µ 106 mega M
10-3 milli m 109 giga G
1012 tera T…read more

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Scalar and Vector Quantities
Scalar Vector
Density Displacement
Temperature Velocity
Pressure Acceleration
Potential Difference Force
Frequency Impulse
Wavelength Momentum
Power Electric current
Magnetic field
Electric field
A scalar quantity has a magnitude but not a set direction.
A vector quantity has a magnitude and a direction.…read more

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Scalar and Vector Quantities
Speed is distance per unit time (scalar)
Displacement is the distance moved in a stated direction
Instantaneous speed is the speed at a given instant- it is the
gradient of the graph of displacement against time at that
Average speed = Distance / Time
Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity
Average acceleration = increase in velocity/ time…read more

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Graphs of motion
The area under a velocity-time graph is equal to the
The gradient is equal to the acceleration.…read more

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