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Applying To University in 2012…read more

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Registering on UCAS / Starting By 10th July
Personal Statement
College Futures Day ­ an off 26th June
timetable day giving you a change
to meet universities, careers
professionals and former students
Early Application Deadline (for 28th September
Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary
Science and Oxford and
College Application Deadline* 15th November
* Remember the deadline is the LATEST date you can complete your
application, good candidates usually complete well in advance of this so
they get early offers from good universities!…read more

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Developing Your Personal Statement…read more

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Selection for interview
Selection for offer
Source of questions at interview
Borderline cases…read more

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Interest in the course
Good spelling & grammar
Clearly written
Balance of studies & hobbies
Work experience
Wider key skills ­ team work
Future career plans…read more

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5 paragraph rule:
1. Reasons for choice of course
2. Relevant work experience
3. School/College experience
4. Interests & experience outside of college / any
sporting involvement
5. Concluding statement…read more

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Preview of page 7

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