Systems of Knowledge

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Lesson 6 

Classical Aesthetics 
Rationality : rational is originally the exercise of reason , the way humans come to conclusions based on knowledge & good Judgement
Greek philosophers 
Plato : 429 - 347 BC.        Aristotle : 384-322 BC 
Plato : the highest form of pure thought is in mathematics

Plato : theory of forms 
Ideal form : is seen into the mind , perfect . The world of the ideal form is rational & unchanging 
Ideal forms are superior to the phisical  forms r perfect beauty itself made by god himself 
The few instances of beauty in our world is when something  reminds us of pur he image of the ideal form of beauty that we see in our mind

Physical form : is that which we see in the world ( material form )
This form includes the artistic form -Art was just a copy or imitation of the physical - therefore a copy of copy

Plato's theory judges art by how much the artist succeeded in reaching the ideal form  and reminding the viewer about it

Aristotle : the ancient Greek philosopher viewed art as an imitation of life 
The attributed the origin of art to human affinity  for imitation  is the  primary method , Aristotle concluded  that it is natural for humans to " delight in works of imitation "

Methods for classifying art based on the ideal art as imitation 
The quality of the object produced  determines the merit of the art 
The art is found within the product not…


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