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Religious Language Revision

There are fundamental problems with describing god (ineffability) and expressing his nature as either transcendent
or immanent

Theists however try to communicate their understanding of God - Islam has 99 names (`Ar-Rahman'- This is translated
either as `The compassionate' or `The Gracious') + Hinduism refers to Krishna…

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the opposite of Black - statement is meaningless if the
person does not understand the concept of `black'
God cannot be reached through a process of elimination
Referring to abstract or transcendent qualities ­ the Antony Flew
believer is careful not to underline the belief that God is Argued that…

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the Church suggest that these analogical language have to be inclusive ­ ie. Suggested friend, lover, mother =
Language then becomes more meaningful in its general application


o Vardy argues that the use of metaphors as a form of religious language is the third way between Via
Negativa and…

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o Symbols can become trivialised and original meaning is lost ­ Sabbath Day - Lost to modernity ­ treated as
another working day Part of this is due to the fact that some symbols can only be understood within the
community/ context (Wittgenstein ­ Language Games) there has to be…

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trying to make a record of accurate history- but rather express their belief through myth thus by
demythologised the stories it enables X'nity to take its rightful place
o Darwinism has reduced the meaning of creation stories ­ process of scientific discovery ­ have caused Xns to
acknowledge that elements…

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o Ward ­ VP excluded nothing at all, since all experiences are because it can be "verified in principle" ­ so the
existence of god can be verified in principles "If I were God then I would be able to check the truth of my own
o John Hick…

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exploitation It is for this reason that she suggest that more inclusive language is required + newer models are
needed ­ Suggested Mother, friend, Lover


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