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· Suggests there are seven type of religious experiences;
1. Awareness ­ seeking the work of God when looking at the
2. Quasi sensory ­ having a inner experience of God
3. Numinous ­ encountering the holiness of God
4. Regenerative ­ a conversion experience
5. Interpretive ­ having prayers answered
6. Mystical ­ a sense of the ultimate reality
7. Revelatory ­ Receiving enlightenment and knowledge…read more

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· Whilst Re/exp are unique, they have common themes
1. The sense of a need to help others
2. Feeling of deep, inner peace
3. Sense of joy
4. Certainty that everything will turn out for the good
5. Belief that God's love is at the centre of anything
6. Great emotional intensity…read more

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· Direct experience: Person feels in contact with God
· Indirect experience: Person is aware of God' actions in
· Ninia Smart: `rel/exp involves some kind of `perception' of
the religious world, or a perception that some visible
person or thing is a manifestation of the invisible world'
· Edward Schleiermacher: Re/exp offers a sense of the
· Martin Buber: God reveals himself to people on a personal
level as they experience him in life
· Paul Tillich: Re/exp is a feeling of ultimate concern. An
encounter, followed by a special understanding of its
religious significance
· William James: Re/exp draws on the common range of
emotions directed at the divine…read more

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· In his book, `The varieties of Re/exp: a study in human
nature' he aims to study the types of re/exp and used a
variety of cast studies
One was a drunk who `seemed to feel some great and mighty
presence. I did not know then what it was. I did learn afterwards
that it was Jesus, the sinners friend' The man went on to become a
· He developed his own criteria for a re/exp;
· Ineffable ­ Experience beyond description
· Noetic ­ Not just feelings, but a deep and direct knowledge
of God which could be achieved by reason alone
· Transient ­ The experience is temporary and cannot be
sustained, although its effect may last a long time. It can
develop and deepen
· Passive ­ Experience not initiated by the mystic but rather
they have sense that something transcendent is acting upon
them…read more

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Nicky Cruz had a
· Considered a direct experience re/exp which
· Rudolf Otto: Numinous experience changed his life
· Re/exp that offers evidence of the `wholly other' nature of
· Often the person sees a vision, accompanied by feelings of
· John Wesley: "I felt in my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did
trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation; and an assurance was
given me, that He had taken away my sins"
· Form of re/exp where someone's life takes a dramatic turn,
saintliness…read more

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