Peer Review Process

Biology Unit 4

Peer review process

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Topic 5: On the wild side
20. Discuss the way in which scientific conclusions
about controversial issues, such as what actions
should be taken to reduce global warming or the
degree to which humans are affecting global
warming, can sometimes depend on who is reaching
the conclusions.
Any new evidence must be carefully studied before it can be accepted. The scientific process has 3
key aspects which try to ensure reliability and validity:
Dedicated scientific journals
Peer review
Scientific conferences.
There are thousands of scientific journals published worldwide. Any research carried out must be
published in at least one of these so that it can be read by other scientists. However, before it even
gets to this stage it has to undergo a process called peer review.
The peer review process

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Who decides?
There is little doubt that global warming is happening, but there are still big questions over what is
causing it and what we should do about it. It is quite normal for scientists to disagree but this topic is
also a matter for public debate. Non-scientists may not understand the uncertainty and naturally want
a clear answer. The people who will give them this are often not the scientists but politicians,
economists and other policy makers.…read more


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