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Fatma Ali

Question 1
Explain what is meant by the term..
(2 marks)
June 11- `immediate gratification'.
Jan 11- `cultural deprivation'
June 10- `vocational' education.
Jan 10- `ethnocentric curriculum'.
June 09- `compensatory' education'
Jan 09- `cultural capital'.

Question 2
Suggest three..
(6 marks)
June 11- policies that may promote the…

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Fatma Ali

Assess the strengths and limitations of one of the following methods..
(20 marks)
June 11- official statistics or participant observation.
Jan 11- questionnaires or unstructured interviews.
June 10- group interviews or non-participant observation
Jan 10- unstructured interviews or official statistics.
June 09- participant observation or questionnaires
Jan 09-…


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