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Speed and Distance

Distance = Speed x Time

Average Speed =

Distance = Average Speed x Time = xt

Distance-time graphs: Gradient = speed
^ flat sections = stopped
^ negative gradient = changed direction ­ going back home e.g.
^ curves = acceleration/de
Speed = gradient = vertical/horizontal


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Thinking distance = the distance the car travels in the time between the driver noticing the
hazard + applying the brakes
Affected by 2: how FAST you're going + DOPEYNESS - tiredness, drugs, alcohol, distractions,
lack of concentration + careless attitude
Braking distance = the distance taken to stop once…

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Kinetic Energy gained = Gravitational Potential Energy lost
½ x m x v2 = mgh
h = v / 2g

Power = measure of how quickly work is being done

powerful machine = transfers a lot of energy in a short space of time NOT strong force

Power =…


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