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Annalise Taylor

Outline one example of a circadian rhythm

A circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm that's happens every 24 hours. An example of a circadian
rhythm is the sleep-wake cycle. Every day we will sleep and we have adapted to this over time as
generally speaking we are awake…

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Annalise Taylor

control the sleep-wake cycle. Normally this tends to occur in children but if the sleeplessness
becomes trouble for the rest of their lives, it is attributed to an abnormality in the neurologic control
of the sleep-wake cycle as it creates problems promoting wakefulness/sleep because it affects the

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Annalise Taylor

suggesting that older people are more likely to suffer from insomnia. However, I think that melatonin
production in itself could be a biological explanation because it is a hormone that is affecting our
sleep-wake cycle. Just as children may have brain abnormalities which affect their sleep patterns,


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