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Outline and evaluate one or more explanations for sleep disorders (24 marks)

Insomnia can be defined as problems with sleep patterns and in particular difficulties falling asleep or
maintaining sleep. Some people who have very little sleep suffer no ill consequences and so a
diagnosis of insomnia is not based…

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followed cases of mood disorder. This means that in some cases it might be helpful to treat insomnia
regardless of whether it is a primary or secondary effect.

Spielman and Glovinsky proposed a useful distinction between predisposing, precipitating and
perpetuating components and risk factors. Predisposing factors include a genetic vulnerability…

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Also drugs have proved useful in the treatment of narcolepsy which has been thought to activating
hypocretin-containign nerve cells. The success of this drug supports the hypocretin deficiency
explanation for narcolepsy.

Most research used for evidence to explain narcolepsy comes from animals, and more specifically
dogs. This is not suitable…




Excellent essay! Hope I can do this in the exam :)



how do you know its A*>?



This is a really detailed and well structured essay. thank you for sharing



this essay is really detailed which is amazing however, thinking of the exam we only have 30 mins to write an essay. can anyone recommend a shorter version of the same essay question. thanks 



highly doubt this is an A* essay, grammar is poor and evaluation is minimal

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