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CLASSICAL (1750 ­ 1800)
Haydn and Mozart
Small orchestra
Melody on violins with wind and brass supporting in loud cadences
Cellos and double basses usually in unison
No harpsichord
Maybe flutes, oboes and bassoons
Possibly clarinets, horns and trumpets
Homophonic texture
Simple harmonies
Regular balanced phrasing (24…

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Occasional rhythmic experimentation (e.g. Tchaikovsky uses 5/4 time signature in 1 of
his symphonies)
Rich harmonies
Not dissonant but has chromatic chords
Varied chords

MODERN (20th Century)
Stravinsky, Britten, Bartok
Very large orchestra
Melody in any section of the orchestra
Piano, electrical instruments, antique cymbals, maracas, tambourine
Instruments play in…


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