Groups providing some resistence to the Nazi Regime 1

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  • Opposition to the Nazi regime
    • There was a great deal of private grumbling but much less open opposition
      • Why? Fear, no organised opposition parties, censorship and propaganda, satisfaction with policies, often only minor quibbles and Hitler had been voted in
        • BUT - There was some opposition - why?
          • Policies, their beliefs - atheism, conduct of the war, attack on democracy, teenage rebellion
    • Groups providing some resistance to the Nazi regime
      • Churches
        • In 1934, the confessional Church broke away from the German Reich Church (which had been set up by the Nazis.) It was only really concerned to defend the protestant church against state interference and false ideology.
        • Some individuals within the Church did speak out - the pastor Dietrich Bonhoffer criticised Nazism as being incompatible with Christianity.He tried to get the confessional church to condem the Nuremberg laws.
        • Pope Pius XI (though initially agreed to concordat) released, in 1937 'with burning grief' an attack on Nazi beliefs and methods
          • Bishop Clemend von Galen spoke out against Euthanasia (and has been described as the only effective protestor in the Third Reich)
      • Traditional elites
        • The Kreisau circle (made up in part of traditional elites) discussed replacing Hitler
        • In 1943 they drew up the Basic Principles for a New Order, which was a plan for a new Germany with an open society and equal justice


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