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Lucia Incerti

Operations Objectives
The operations function of a business is responsible for obtaining and using resources in order to
provide the right goods and services for the consumer.

A wide range of operational objectives are set by businesses in order to achieve the corporate

Cost and Volume Targets…

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Lucia Incerti

Customer loyalty
- e.g. percentage of repeat business
Percentage of on-time and/or correct delivery
Efficiency and flexibility targets
Closely linked to cost targets
Look at how effectively the assets of the business are being utilised
Also measure how responsive the business can be to short term or unexpected…

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Lucia Incerti

factor in affecting operational objectives
- Targets for productivity, for example, will be affected by the investment in training and
the effectiveness of workforce planning
Marketing issues
- The nature of the product determines the operational set-up
- Regular changes to the marketing mix- particularly product- may place…


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