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Themes Quotes Explanation
Pg.13 "Guys like us,that work on
Lonliness/ ranches, are the loneliest guys in
Isolation the world."
Pg. 35 "Maybe ever'body in the
whole damn world is scared of
each other." Reflects on the loneliness of ea
character and how during th
Pg. 86 "Why can't I talk to you? I times, itinerant workers w
never get to talk to nobody. I get works in a ranch never really g
awfully lonely." ­ CW's
along. They don't have anyone
Pg.65 "Never seem to give a talk to. Not like George an
damn about anybody." Lennie.
Pg. 105 "A guy goes nuts if he
ain't got nobody. Don't make no
difference who the guy is, long's
he's with you... I tell ya a guys get
too lonely an' he gets sick." -
Pg.102 "If I say something, why
Discrimination/ it's just a nigger sayin' it."
Prejudice -Crooks
Pg.103 " This is just a nigger
talkin', an' a busted-back nigger. This shows how black and wh
So it don't mean nothing, see?" people are very different. Th
- Crooks black are discriminate by t
Pg.100 "Cause I'm black. They
play cards in there, but I can't
play because I'm black. They say I
stink." ­ Crooks

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Pg.32 "We're gonna get the jack
Dreams, Hopes and together and we're gonna have a
Plans little house and a couple of acres an'
a cow and some pigs and..." ­
"The American Repetition > "An' live off the fatta
Dream" the lan'."
This relates to the American Dream a
Great Depression as it was only t
"Now I get to tend the rabbits."
dreams that kept the people in tho
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