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Case Point
Ghosh Dishonesty
Gomez, Lawrence Appropriates
Oxford v Moss Property
Turner Belonging to another
Lavender Permanently deprive
Theft ­ S1 Theft Act 1968

Dishonestly2 appropriates3 property4 belonging to another5 with the intention of permanently

Mens Rea
Actus Reus

Robbery ­ S8 Theft Act 1968

Steals and immediately before…

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Burglary ­ s9 Theft Act 1968

S9 (1) (a) ­ enters building as trespasser, with intent to steal, crim. dam. GBH etc.

S9 (1) (b) ­ enters building as a trespasser and develops the intent.

Case Point
Collins Invited
Brown Effective entry
Walkington Part of a building
Smith and Jones…

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Vincent Payment wasn't expected
Duress by threats

Case Point
Graham Test
Hasan Restricted

Duress by circumstances

Case Point
Baker v Wilkins


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