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Scenario 1 June 2011 Paper

Amber Matheson

Eddie could possibly be guilty of both robbery and burglary against the activities in
connection with the football stadium. Both the Actus Reus (AR) and Mens Rea (MR) for the offence
must be proven for it to be successful, and both must coincide…

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not used with the pin until 24-hours afterwards. In the case of Hale 1979 the D's broke into an elderly
lady's house and put their hand over the woman's mouth while the other stole a jewellery box. D's
tried to argue that the theft was a separate offence but the…

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in a building or part of a building. Inhabited places such as houseboats or caravans are classed as
`buildings'. There is no definition but has been problems in cases involving structures like portacabins
for office work etc. (B and S v Leathley) (Norfolk Constabulary v Seekings and Goul d) `Part…


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