Of Mice and men - lonliness and isolation quotes

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Crooks ­ hides his loneliness with "It was difficult to conceal his pleasure P107
bitterness. with anger"
He is lonely because he is segregated "A colour man has to have some P115
from the others due to his colour rights..."
"Maybe you can see now" P104
Craves companionship "A guy needs somebody" P105
Soledad means loneliness in Spanish ­ "Guys like us...are the loneliest guys in P31/2
the ranch workers are lonely, setting is the world"
Curley and wife ­ never seen together "I never get to talk to nobody, I get P122
until she dies. She is lonely on the ranch awful lonely"
and she is unhappy with her life
Candy ­ loses all his friends. Dog is only "Candy lay rigidly on his bed staring at P75
friend the ceiling"
"No, I couldn't do that, I've had him
too long" P71


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