Of Mice And Men Main Themes

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  • Main themes in Of Mice and Men
    • Dreams
      • Lennie's dream seems unrealistic because of the multicoloured rabbits.
        • However, by the end the reader realises George's dream is just as unrealistic.
      • Everyone in OMAM has a dream.
        • Curley wants to be a boxer.
        • Curley's Wife wants to be in the movies.
        • Candy,Crooks,Lennie and George wants their own ranch.
          • Crooks thinks about it but has seen so many people fail he back out.
        • Like in the 1930's America.
    • Lonliness
      • Most of them travel alone. Had to leave family.
        • This could prevent Lennie and George becoming so lonely.
      • Lennie and George have more of a parent-child relationship
        • No communication
      • Curley's Wife is the only woman on the Ranch. It has also been hinted that Her and Curley don't have the best relationship.
      • Candy's only friend his dog gets killed.
      • Crook's skin colour isolates him.
    • Nature
      • Lennie is described as a bear; big strong and unpredictable
      • Watersnake- at the beginning and the end.
        • Untitled
    • Violence
      • Lennie is unintentional violent.
        • However, he does say he is going to break the cats neck if they near his rabbits
      • Curley is purposely violent
      • Other people are violent for a right.
        • George to Lennie.
        • Candy's Dog.


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