themes in of mice and men


Of Mice and Men 
- Loneliness

Most chararcters have isolation and loneliness, for example George is always playing solitaire which is a one-player game, and also he becomes lonely after the killing of Lennie. Crooks is isolate being the only black character as he is not allowed and is not welcome with the other ranch hands to play cards, so he has a lot of books in his room as that is his only form of entertainment. Candy is also lonely, especially after they shoot his dog as his dog was his companionship. Curley's wife is also lonely because she is always trying to seek attention and conversation, but no-body wants to talk to her. 

- Dreams
George and Lennie have the main dream - the american dream of having their own plot of land, and Candy becomes a part of their dream. Curley's wife has a dream of becoming a movie star. But


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