"Of Mice and Men" Character Profile- Curley

A charcter analysis of Curley, a protagonist of the novel "Of Mice and Men"

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Character profile- Curley
Curley's the only proper bad guy on the ranch and he's the only one who deserves what
happens to him.
No one likes Curley
It seems like Curley's in a strong position on the ranch. He's young, fit and healthy,
he's the boss's son and he's just married an attractive woman.
However, he gets no respect from anyone- so he's probably quite lonely.
He wear's "high-heeled boots" like the boss. These give him extra height because
he's "little". He also wears them to show that he's in charge- they make it clear
that he's "not a labouring man".
Curley is clearly insecure- he's always worried about where his wife is. He's also a
coward because he picks on Lennie- the easiest target.
Curley's probably just as trapped in his life on the ranch as the other characters.
Because he's the boss's son, he destined to run it himself one day.
Curley is really jumpy
Curley looks like a small boxer. Candy calls him "handy"- meaning he fights well.
Whit says he was in the finals for the "Golden Gloves" (a boxing competition).
Fighting is the one thing he's good at, and he likes to show off his skills.
His insecurity about his wife and his size makes him aggressive and jumpy. He picks
fights with the wrong men (like Slim because he's too well respected, and Lennie
because he's too strong) to try and prove something. He has no real power on the
Curley's an outsider- he's not one of the bunk house men. But he craves attention
and respect, and wants to be admired and accepted.
Curley's just as isolated and lonely as the other characters. None of the bunk
house men like him, nor does his wife.
Curley is...
o Insecure: "You seen a girl around here?"
o Aggressive: "He's alla time picking scraps with big guys"
o Disliked: "This guy Curley sounds like a son-of-a-bitch to me. I don't like
mean guys."
Curley isn't happily married
Curley's wife married him as a way of getting away from her mother and her old
life. She admits to Lennie that "I don't like Curley. He ain't a nice fella."
The only time Curley and his wife appear together is when she's dead. But he
doesn't touch her even then- it's Slim who checks to see if she's really dead.
Curley then decides to go and kill Lennie instead of staying with his wife. He
doesn't really care about her- he's just angry that Lennie has taken away
something belonging to him.
Curley doesn't understand what his wife needs from him- company and attention.


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