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Of Mice and Men Quotes


George is the first character to be described in the book "small and quick, dark
of face... restless eyes and sharp, strong features". This suggests that he is an
outdoors worker and also intelligent. The "restless eyes" shows unhappiness and
that he is a…

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dream. Only ever remembers this and nothing else- childlike.
"Curley's fist... Lennie's big hand" shows Lennie's strength and fights back.


Crooks is the loneliest character in the book, and is racially discriminated and a
cripple. "..more possessions than he could carry on his back", "battered
magazines" suggests his loneliness.…

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Curley's Wife

Men on the ranch see Curley's Wife as "jail-bait" and a "tart" which shows
misogynistic behaviour towards her.

Readers feel sorry for her but despise her because she disguises her real self.
She is an innocent, childish girl which juxtaposes with her sexual predator side.
We see her…

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"...go there an' live nice...can't we?" doesn't want to believe it is the end of the
dream when Lennie kills Curley's Wife.


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