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Law Reform
Law needs to be kept under review
and influences come from many
sources…read more

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Reform Agencies Judges
Law Commission Public Opinions
Pressure Groups…read more

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Government have a major say on what new laws
will be put before the House Of Commons
In the Queens Speech the governments plans
for laws are announced
However due to the time limit, law reform is
limited s time is focused on new laws coming
into effect
They decide on points of law in cases so sometimes have to decide
new points
Judges created Tort of Negligence and the offence of marital rape
HoL can use practise statement to alter law if think it is right to do so
However it has been used to change law when there has been a
change in social values or opinions
However judges only create law reform in small number of cases, as
their job is to apply the law…read more

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Public Opinion
There is a strong opinion when it comes to change to laws which the
government may bow to
The media plays a big part in brining opinions to the governments
Specific events may also play a part, Dunblane Massacre in the
school, meant that gun ownership had to be looked into and changed
However the media can also manipulate the news and create a public
Pressure Groups
These cause the government to reconsider law in certain areas
EG. ­ reducing the homosexual age to 16
Groups will campaign against changes in the law
EG ­when government tried to restrict trial by jury, groups said it
infringed Human Rights
Lobbying ­ when groups persuade one MP to support their case ,
they can then use the Private Members Bill to introduce the case…read more

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Law Commission
Set up by the Law Commissions Act 1965
Is full time body with a chairman(a high court judge)
and four other law commissioners
Any topics are referred to the Lord Chancellor on
behalf of the government
The commission research the law and publish
improvement son consultation paper , seeking views
The consultation paper will set out the problems and
offer solutions on the area of law
After getting response on the consultation paper
proposals are drawn up and presented in a report,
There will be a draft bill along with the report which
will be put through government and go through the
stages…read more

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Law Commission
Commission consider areas of law that are
believed to need a reform
The commission can repeal old statues that no
longer make sense to the current day, the
government must pass this repeal
Consolidation ­ this is bringing all provisions
into one Act, making the law more accessible to
There re about five consolidation bills each year
but they soon become out of date when new
laws are bought into place
Codification ­ involves brining all Law on one
topic together into one source
It has concentrated on codifying small sections
of the law that can be added to rather than
large sections…read more

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