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Acts of Parliament
Parliament is the main legislative body…read more

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The Houses
House of House of
Lords Commons
Labour said that an inherited title Referred to as Mp's.
should not allow someone to
participate in law
Elected by the public
Wakeham commission set up to Country is divided into
consider how embers should be constituencies that vote for their
elected. own Mp
Wakeham reported = Is a fixed term parliament for five
1/3 be elected years then general election
Limit on who Prime Minister
nominates Government is formed by political
party with the biggest majority
Have an independent
appointments commission that
can reject poor nominees
Should appoint normal people
HoL is no longer part of Courts of
Appeal, cases now go to the
supreme court.…read more

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Influences on Law-
Government Programme » is programme of reforms, set out
in the manifesto, government announces all laws they with to
European Union Law » Lead to new acts of parliament to help
the UK fit in with European law, E.G. Sex Discrimination Act
Law Reform Agencies » Produce proposals into the
effectiveness of existing law
Events » Laws can come into effect from events happening
Event Law Created
Dunblane ­ March 1996 Firearms (Amendment) Act
Terrorist Attack ­ 11September Anti-Terrorism, Crime and
2001 ( 9/11) Security Act 2001
· Pressure groups » changing attitudes in same-sex
partnerships led to the civil Partnership Act 1994 and
the Homosexual age to be reduced to 18 in 1994 and
down to 16 in 2000…read more

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Pre-Legislative Process
The law cannot be rushed as it can be found to be unjust
and will not be followed.
The Dangerous Dogs Acts 1991 was a rushed law and
there are now many problems with this law
Advantages of Green Paper Disadvantages of green Paper
Listens to everyone's opinions Feel hard done by if not listened
Allows for new ideas Slows down the law process
It is straight forward Costs are very high
It allows the law to become Allows radical views to be given
Gives people the sense of
ownership , so be more willing to
follow law…read more

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Introducing Acts to
Ballot's, the tem minute rule, public bills and
private bills are all private member's bills…read more

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The Process…read more

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