Checklist for unit2 OCR LAW

easy to use checklist for OCR law unit 2

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Statutory Able to describe how judges use aids, extrinsic and intrinsic
Describe how judges use rules of language
Describe different approaches, literal, golden and mischief
Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of different approaches, case examples.
Judicial Precedent Know how precedent operates, Stare decisis, ratio decidendi, obiter dicta, hierarchy, binding, persuasive,
overruling, reversing and distinguishing, case examples
Be able to describe powers of C of A and HOL to avoid precedent, Practise statement, role of judges
Understand role of Law Commission.
Legislation Be able to describe how a bill becomes an Act. describe the different stages in passing parliamentary
Describe different types of delegated legislation
Explore effectiveness of controls on delegated legislation, evaluate advantages and disadvantages of DL
Where does impetus for law reform come from
European legislation describe the functions of the institutions, compare and contrast directives, Sovereignty, treaties rulings,
functions of the EU
explain different types of EU law
explain impact of EU law on sovereignty
understand role of ECJ, key examples


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