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Design Technology: Graphics
Sustainable Design

1. Any answer allowed from below to gain one mark.
When the designer tries to reduce any unnecessary packaging, energy and
waste during the manufacturing stage.
The designer tries to reduce the products life cycle.
Involving the designer thinking about built in obsolence and…

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Design Technology: Graphics
Sustainable Design

7. One mark for giving a definition of recycling, and the other three
marks for naming each type of recycling. (max. of 4 marks)
Recycling is the conversion of waste products into new materials. A product
can be reformulated into a new product [1]…

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Design Technology: Graphics
Sustainable Design

13. One mark for a description of the damage and the other two marks
for the description following the example. (max. of 3 marks)
(Example of damage) [1]
(Description of damage) [1]

14. Any four from the following. (max. of 4 marks)
The product…


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