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Module 3: Biodiversity and Evolution

2.3.1 ­ Biodiversity
Biodiversity ­ The number and variety of living things to be found in the world, in an ecosystem or in a
habitat. The variety of habitat communities and species in an area and the genetic diversity within
populations. It consists of:

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Random sampling ­ can miss plants that occur only infrequently (present species but will no
Visual survey of the habitat will view plants that may have been missed by random sampling
Qualitative data ­ not used in statistical analysis

Using random quadrats:
Quadrat ­ square frame used to define…

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Light trap
Collect flying insects at night
Ultraviolet light attracts the insects
Under the light is a collecting vessel containing alcohol
Moths and other insects attracted to the light fall into the alcohol

Species richness
The number of species present in a habitat
More species present -> richer the habitat…


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