OCR AS Classics: Ancient History - Spartan Chronology

The Spartan Chronology

The Ionian Revolt (499 Bc) to The Fall of Athens (404 Bc)

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A detailed chronology for the Spartan section of the OCR AS Classics: Ancient History course

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The Spartan Chronology
The Ionian Revolt (499 Bc) to The Defeat of Athens (404 Bc)
Persian Emperors
1. Darius I (522 ­ 486 Bc)
Wanted centralised authority around Susa and Ecbatana
1. Xerxes I (486 ­ 465 Bc)
Had to keep up to expectations after Darius' Expansion of the Empire…

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Spartan (5000 soldiers) and Greek forces
Greek rivers poisoned ­ Retreated into mountains followed by Persians ­ Persians
attacked by archers

11. The battle of Mycale (479 Bc)
Lead by Archon Leotychides
Persian forces retreated to Mycale on the Ionian Coast
Greeks followed and defeated the Persians
First offensive pushing…

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1. Ionian city states in Asia Minor were given autonomy
2. Prohibited Persian Satraps being set up in the Aegean
3. Prohibited Persian ships in the Aegean Sea
4. Greek ships not to interfere with Persian trade in the Black Sea

18. Corinth encouraged a revolt in Potidea against Athens…

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Spartans led by King Agis II
Sparta fought to keep Tegea in allied hands ­ Tegea controlled the pass between the
Peloponnese and Laconia
Restored Spartan Mirage after Pylos ­ Sparta forced Argos to surrender
If the Spartans had lost they would have lost control over the Peloponnese
Plot to…


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