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We all justify and explain our behaviours using either
internal or external attributions
An internal attribution is when a person accepts full
responsibility for their own behaviours and sees the
cause as being within themselves
An external attribution is when a persons sees the
cause of their behaviour as being due to an external
A criminal is considered rehabilitated when they can
fully accept responsibility for their crime- They
basically have an internal attribution and accept their…read more

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AIM: To examine the relationship between the type
of offence committed and the attributions offenders
make about their criminal acts
80 criminals- Serving sentences in Northern
20 had committed violent offences
40 had committed sex offences
20 had committed crimes against property
The criminals were asked to fill out a 42 item
`Blame Attribution Inventory'…read more

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Those who committed sexual offences were most
likely to feel guilt- 12.7
Those who committed sexual offences were
affected mentally more than the other two
offences- 5.7
People who commit property offences felt less guilt
than the other two offences- This could be due to
the fact they are not harming anyone- 5.5
Violence has the highest external attribution- This
could be because someone else usually
triggers/provokes you to react violently- 5.8…read more

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CONCLUSION…read more


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