Numerical Data

Numerical Data, an important aspect for analysing in psychology, suitable for both Ass and A2s

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NOMINAL DATA is a simple frequency headcount (the number of times
something occurs). Found in discrete categories, e.g yes and no.
Does not take into The easiest measure
account for an exact
value in scores NOMINAL DATA Easy and quick to
If there is a small range
and several occur an Takes into account all
equal number of times values in a set of scores
ORDINAL DATA is measurements that can be put in an order, rank or
It will not be affected
Does not take into ORDINAL DATA by outliers
account the exact
value in scores
Easier to calculate than the mean
Unrepresentative if
not enough scores Takes every score into account
INTERVAL AND RATIO DATA are both measures on a scale. They are
fixed and publically agreed units of measure.
Takes every score
Can be distorted INTERVAL AND RATIO DATA into account
by extreme
scores - outliers A lot more detailed
Difficult to


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